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Introducing the Chimera MachOne: For the pros. Small meets flexible.

What is the MachOne? In a sentence: a SFF solution for pros who demand the best.

In a few more sentences?

  • A handsome aluminum tower with a smaller footprint than the NCASE M1, that can support real workstation-class builds in a compact, portable form factor (especially in tandem with the carry-on compliant WALLYE Tactik Duffle, which it is compatible with)
  • An enclosure with remarkable flexibility, that enables both mITX and mATX builds via three different layout schemes
  • A robust platform which supports everything from basic builds, to enthusiast-grade components, to exotic custom loops with thick radiators (like the Nemesis 280 GTX or EK XLC Predator) and dedicated pumps/reservoir combos (like the EK D5 and EK DDC). All in 18.5L.
The second bullet is an especially important one, as it is the flexibility of the MachOne that makes it so unique. There are three arrangements that the enclosure supports – nicknamed Gear One, Two and Three – and each one provides a unique set of benefits and compromises, allowing the user to pick the layout that maximizes what's most useful to them:
  • Gear One ("The Core"): A traditional layout (mITX and mATX) in a vertical orientation, which is easiest to visualize as a "vertical NCASE M1". This arrangement supports air CPU coolers like the NH-U9S, and provides a comfortable amount of space for as many graphics cards and PCI devices as your motherboard supports, with enough room leftover for twin 120mm/140mm intake fans on the front, and even a 240 or 280mm radiator in most configurations
  • Gear Two ("The Gamer") : The same as Gear One, except that it uses a PCB riser to fold one's graphics card to be above and parallel to the motherboard, enabling support for substantially wider/bulkier cards. This also better opens up the front of the enclosure for use of a radiator or AIO
  • Gear Three ("The YouTuber"): A back-to-back arrangement, using risers to fold graphics or PCI devices behind the motherboard, while providing enough room at the front of the enclosure for an impressively thick and wide radiator. Not to mention windowed panels on both sides, to best show off your hardware

 All this flexibility allowed us to build a pretty insane demo rig for Computex 2018: We've brought with us an mITX, i9 + Titan Xp workstation, with an additional PCIe card (an Elgato 4K 60 capture card), and a Nemesis 280 GTX radiator cooling it all. This sort of hardware was once unfathomable on mITX, let alone in an enclosure of this size. With the MachOne, it's now just another possibility. This, too, before we get to what mATX support enables, with the recent Threadripper news allowing us to fit 32-core builds into the same svelte profile.

We're incredibly excited to be able to unleash the MachOne to the world, and look forward to reactions and feedback from the community as we finalize the design. Check out our MachOne thread on SFF Forum for photos, specifications, and the latest product development updates!