Production Update: DAN A4-SFX v3

Summary: We're excited to share that DAN A4-SFX v3 preorders will be packed – and postage paid – within the next 24 hours! As we are a little bit ahead of our revised schedule, we wanted to let customers know that we will be fulfilling orders soon. Read below for more details and other important information!


From the SFFLAB team:

For those customers who've preordered an A4-SFX v3 enclosure, we wanted to share an exciting update: we have completed production of our batch of A4-SFX v3 units! In addition, we will be packing enclosures and sending payment to our courier for shipping in the next 24 hours. This puts us on course for fulfillment starting as early as May 23rd, which is a full week ahead of our revised shipment deadline.

Needless to say, we're really happy with this progress! There are a few items of note that we want to mention to customers as a result:

  • Orders can no longer be changed: As we are now packing orders and paying postage upfront, we are no longer able to modify or cancel orders at this time.
  • We expect enclosures to start shipping mid-week: As mentioned above, based on our current progress we are anticipating packages to be passed along to our courier on Wednesday, if not a bit later in the week.
  • You should expect a shipping notification to arrive in your inbox sometime next week: The Taiwan Postal Service will transmit tracking details to us a number of business days after they've received the packages. The moment we receive these, we will automatically send customers an email and/or text with tracking details, such that orders can be monitored as they make their way home.

On a personal note, we really appreciate everyone's patience as we've gone through the full production cycle for the A4-SFX! It's hard to wait for these, and the original production delay was difficult news to share as a result. That said, we're pleased that we've been able to minimize that delay down to a little more than a week, and overall we think production has been quite successful.

We can't wait to see what all of you build once you have your A4-SFX!


– Dan & Joshua

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