Shipping Update: Impact of US federal shutdown on orders from SFFLAB

1/25/19 Update: Following the passing and signature of a continuing resolution, the federal shutdown has ended. While we are still monitoring fulfilled orders closely in anticipation of any delays due to the remaining customs backlog, at this point in time we expect any delays to recede and eventually fall away.  We encourage all customers to contact us if they have any questions about planned or existing orders!

1/21/19 Update: As we have monitored US-bound orders, we've identified a specific shipment that has been delayed by customs. Orders before and after this shipment have (thankfully) been processing normally, with customers receiving orders on time. We continue to monitor the situation and encourage customers to contact us if they have any questions about planned or existing orders!

Hey everyone,

As I'm sure most US-based customers are well aware of, the US government is currently undergoing a federal shutdown due to the lapse of funding for various federal departments and agencies. A consequence of this is reduced staffing in US customs offices, which has caused a backlog of international packages to accumulate that still need to be processed before they can be sent to their final destination. Since many of the items SFFLAB fulfills ship directly from Asia-based manufacturers, this has begun to impact some US orders from SFFLAB. As the shutdown drags on, however, we expect more orders to be impacted, and for the length of customs processing time to increase.

We apologize to all customers affected by the shutdown, and encourage anyone affected by this to reach out to us if they have any questions specific to their order(s). In general, customers should expect delays in shipping times, but not much else; for those customers who have received tracking details for their package(s), a lack of updates once your item has departed the country of origin is indicative of a delay in customs processing. Please note that there is no action needed on your part as a consequence of these delays; we simply want to make customers aware that orders may arrive later than expected.

In the absence of any guidance on when the shutdown could end, we will be monitoring things closely in order to ensure that we can fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.

Thanks much,

– Dan and Joshua

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