Tactik Duffle



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Important Information

Bag dimensions: 48x31x22.5cm

The Modular Padding Kit is appropriately proportioned for a cozy fit with the following solutions:

  • DAN A4
  • NCASE M1
  • NFC Skyreach 4 Mini
  • Razer Core and other eGPU docks
  • Items smaller than 47x29x21cm

Introducing the Tactik Duffle: Bring everything with you.

The successor to the original Tactik Duffle – and featuring an all-new design – Tactik by WALLYE introduces a plethora of innovations spanning materials selection, functional design, and aesthetics, all while preserving the core functionality that inspired the original bag.

Much like the first duffle, the impetus of Tactik is to transport whole desktops in a well-rounded and carry-on compliant bag. With Tactik by WALLYE, we've improved and rethought many of the decisions made with the original design, furthering the goal of uncompromised flexibility in ways that make it even more useful, to even more people.


We started with a clean, modern exterior.

From the outside, we've simplified the aesthetics of the Tactik duffle, yielding a bag that is distinctively contemporary and minimalistic. For the material, we've selected premium Cordura nylon clad in precise stitching, which maintains a refined look while keeping wear and tear at bay.

Meanwhile, every strap, zipper and fastner has been carefully considered, with protrusions kept to a minimum in order to make the bag more practical to stow away and transport. This is not at the expense of utility, however, as clever use and placement of integrated pockets ensure that this simplification doesn't come at the expense of storage space: Quick-access pockets of varying size are implemented on nearly every face of the bag and can support devices as large as a 15" laptop.

Built from premium Cordura nylon


An intelligent internal structure brings it together.

For the interior of V2, we've developed a soft-touch padding kit that's both modular and flexible. From delicate cameras and lenses, to awkwardly shaped microphones, to a veritable grab bag of necessary electronics, Tactik's modular padding can be arranged in almost any way imaginable. It provides crucial internal structure that's rigid enough to keep belongings protected, while remaining soft enough to mitigate the jostling of bumpier trips.

For bringing desktops on the go, Tactik's modular padding is precisely proportioned for a cozy fit with such solutions as the DAN A4, NCASE M1, and NFC Skyreach 4 MINI; the Razer Core and other eGPU docks; and nearly any desktop PC smaller than 47 x 29 x 21 cm in size.

28.6L of usable internal space
Carry-on compliant dimensions


Do even more with the Tactik Collection.

Tactik is more than a bag. Customization is fundamental to the Tactik Collection: WALLYE's set of shoulder, backpack, luggage and tripod straps share the same materials and build quality as the duffle, while working together to ease transport and secure additional bags or gear. Meanwhile, the Tactik keyboard bags provide additional protection for TKL and full-sized keyboards, with minimal heft.

In combination, the straps and bags across the Tactik Collection ensure that you can transport your prized gear with confidence and ease, whether you're an enthusiast, gamer, or professional.

Converts from a duffle to a backpack