NCASE is a two-man operation that began in late 2012 as a project to design and manufacture the ultimate small form-factor PC case. We have a shared passion for creating innovative products that raise the bar in design, performance, versatility, and space efficiency.

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M1: The original crowdfunded computer case

The M1 sets itself apart with its unique combination of high performance capability and exceptional flexibility, in a deceptively small and understated package. At just 12.6 liters in volume, the all-aluminum chassis has the proportions - and features - of a much larger case.

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If you have questions about an order, shipping, payments, logistics, or other related matters, fill out our Contact form to get in touch with SFFLAB directly.

If you have questions about NCASE or the M1, from component compatibility and product features to specifications and related resources, take a look at the official NCASE support subforum on SFF Forum, where NCASE and community members alike can address questions.

Finally, if you still have questions relating to NCASE or its products, you can use our Brand directory to get in touch with NCASE directly.