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Utilizing a PCIe riser to achieve an innovative back-to-back design, the A4-SFX is a modern and remarkably compact enclosure that's able to support enthusiast-grade components within a svelte 7.25L design. Highlights of the A4-SFX include it's all-aluminum construction, efficient space utilization, and thermal seperation of the CPU and GPU.

Version Updates
  • 3M PCIe® x16 Gen4 riser
  • USB 3.2 gen2 Type-C front port
  • ADT R33UF-TU PCIe® x16 Gen3 riser
  • USB 3.2 gen1 Type-C front port
  • 92mm fan mount point under the motherboard
  • Pre-drilled threads for custom window kits
  • The 120mm AIO bracket is now optional
  • Lian Li PCIe® x16 Gen3 riser (black PCB and cabes)
  • Adjustments to the USB3.0 internal cable to be compatible with Asetek® 92mm AIO
  • Improvements to the power button to optimize the pressure point
  • Adding mount points for HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX
  • Mounting bracket for 120mm AIO
  • Cover for GPU mount area
  • Better alignment of USB port
  • Stamp-in motherboard stand-offs
  • 92mm fan or AIO mount point
  • Rubber case feet with better grip
  • Kensington Lock

In the box: A4-SFX enclosure, internal power extention cable, riser cable

The A4-SFX: Created by the community

The A4-SFX enclosure originated as a one-man project, with the goal of creating the smallest case possible that could support high-end standardized components - from Intel Core i7 processors, to powerful full-length GPUs like the GeForce GTX 1080.

The result of years of work and several generations of design, the A4-SFX today stands alone as a product that's dramatically smaller than almost all competing enclosures. As such, it's an ideal solution for SFF enthusiasts; those who need a highly portable system; users who want to reclaim desk space; and gamers who want a high-end PC experience in the living room or in other space-constrained contexts.


How it works

This case uses what we refer to as a sandwich hardware layout. Using a PCIe® extender allowes for the most prominent design feature of this case, which is the location of the GPU behind the motherboard. The A4-SFX comes with a high quality PCIe® extender, made by 3M™, which allows for PCIe® Gen4 support.

The case allows for easy mounting of either SFX or SFX-L power supplies. The PSU is located in the front of the chassis. Depending on the size of the PSU, up to two 2.5” HDDs or SSDs can be mounted in the drive bay. The drive bay is mounted with rubber spacers to reduce vibration and noise. A third 2.5" drive can be mounted behind the front cover.

GPUs without a protective backplate can safely be used in the case. A thin plastic film is installed to prevent electrical short with the aluminum chassis or the PSU.

Finally, with the new version of the A4-SFX you will be able to mount a 92mm fan or a 92mm All-In-One water cooling solution in place of the drive bay.


Thermal concept

Through the compartmentalization of the primary components of the computer, the PSU, CPU/motherboard and GPU each enjoy distinct air inlets and outlets for cooling. Because of this, every component is able to efficiently cool itself by drawing fresh air directly from the exterior, and then channeling heated air upward and outside of the case. Even without dedicated exhaust fans, this layout is a key contributor to the impressive cooling efficiency of the A4-SFX, compared to most other enclosures.

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A4-SFXv4 / A4-SFXv3

Item No.

a4sfxv4_s/b / a4sfxv3_s/b


Black: 4260562960013
Silver: 4260562960020

Enclosure External Dimensions

Discluding protrusions: 112mm x 317mm x 200mm
Including protrusions: 112mm x 327mm x 205mm

Enclosure Volume


Enclosure Weight


Shipment Dimensions

376mm x 170mm x 259mm

Shipment Weight



v4/v4.1: One USB Type-C port; one power switch
v3: One USB 3.0 port; one power switch


Exterior: 1.5mm brushed anodized aluminum
Interior frame: 1.5mm powder coated aluminum

Riser Card

v4.1: 3M PCIe 16x Gen4 riser
v4: ADT PCIe 16x Gen3 riser
v3: ADT PCIe 16x Gen3 riser or Lian Li PCIe 16x Gen3 riser




CPU Coolers

Maximum height: 48mm


Rear exhaust cards are recommended.

Maximum card length: 306mm (including the PCI bracket); 295mm (discluding the PCI bracket)
Maximum card width: 45mm (including a backplate); 40mm (discluding a backplate)
Maximum card height: 144mm (as measured from the bottom of the PCI slot)


2 x 2.5" drives in the drive bay

  • Top drive maximum height: 15mm
  • Bottom drive maximum height: 15mm

1 x 2.5" drive in the front of the enclosure

  • Front drive maximum height: 9mm
Power Supplies



1 x 92mm fan (in place of the drive bay)