KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX
KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX KMPKT Dynamo 360 DC-ATX

Units are assembled to order and will ship starting January 2018.

  • Overview
  • Overview

    When we started on our quest to design what would eventually become the Dynamo Power System, we had one goal in mind: to provide small form factor enthusiasts a virtually unlimited capacity to utilize any PC hardware they wanted, in new and creative ways.

    The inspiration for the Dynamo 360 was a number of interesting system builds that attempted to marry form factors (such as Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NuC), Thin Mini-ITX, and Mini-STX) with traditional video cards and other devices. What we noticed was that in each of these builds, the power delivery system was always the stumbling block. The few builds that were ultimately successful contained a mess of wires and awkward adapters. Furthermore, as a result of this complexity, each of them was only within reach to the most advanced of small form factor enthusiasts. Wanting to build the smallest PCs available, but lacking the knowledge about how to power them, we set to work on the Dynamo 360.

    The two differentiating features of the Dynamo 360 DC-DC power supply are its ability to pass power through to a second DC powered device, as well as to sync power on and power off via a fan header (or other 5V line from the paired DC device). While the intended recipients of the passthrough are either the KMPKT Dynamo Mini, or a DC-based motherboard such as Intel’s NuC, the Dynamo 360 can also be daisy chained for higher wattage applications or operate without use of the passthrough at all (with multiple AC-DC adapters). Because of this versatility, the Dynamo system provides the ability for users to not only make small and efficient builds, but also to make DC-DC based systems that have vastly higher power capacity than previously possible.

    The Dynamo 360 is coming soon.