Tactik Tripod Straps



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Carry your gear the way you want

Part of the Tactik Collection, and designed for use with the Tactik Duffle, WALLYE's Tactik Straps are meant to adapt to what you need to transport, and how you prefer to transport it. Each of the straps addresses the particular needs of those who need to travel with expensive, essential gear – from gamers, and photographers, to engineers and videographers. And all of them enjoy the same build quality and materials selection of the Tactik Duffle itself.

The Tactik Tripod Straps

For photographers and videographers, the Tactik Tripod Straps provide dedicated loops for securing a tripod to the base of the bag. Compatible with all modes of carrying – hand, shoulder and back – they make it possible to carry an entire kit of photography or recording gear, all in one bag.

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